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General conditions set out below are applied to all commercial transactions involved in the website

These conditions govern all transactions among those customers who purchase products on the website , and the seller, the Spanish Society IGM Ingenieria Mecánica Aplicada S.L. is the owner of the mentioned website.

These terms affect all customers regardless the country from which the order is placed, and they are always applicable except in previous cancellation. Such annulment mat be requested by sending an e-mail to

Policies may be promptly modified, so it is convenient to consult them every time the customer set a new order. New policies will be applied after being published on the Internet.

When the customer sets a new order, it is understood and it is implied, that you accept general terms of sales after having read them. Do not read them does not relieve the established responsibilities.

1. Product details and price

On this website you will find available details about the product such as, technical features, description, an indicative photography and the estimated time of shipping.

Prices are always shown with and without VAT.

Shipping service costs are always paid by customers, and they will be added to the total amount of the order. Final price (the sum of the sales price and the cost of delivery service) will be shown before confirming the hiring process.

Prices depend on many factors, that is why IGM reserves the right to modify the offered products and services through the website, but IGM guarantees that the price of the material you order, will be the same as it is published when the order is placed. In this way, if you add an item to your cart whose price rises just after it, the price will be automatically updated at the moment of accepting the cart and before processing the order.

2. Summary and order acceptance

The summary of the order will show the final cost of your purchase including VAT and shipping costs (comprising the insurance of goods) Therefore, we always provide you the final sum before the order is completed. In this way customers are always able to anticipate the total price. In case of having a discount, IGM will always notify customers according to the already existing website advertising.

Once you finish the shopping process, IGM will send you a confirmation e-mail with all the order details.

3. Payment

IGM has put several payments options at your disposal, so customers are aimed to use the one that suits them better. These choices are:

Credit/debit card
Visa and MasterCard are accepted. For security reasons, when paying by credit/debit card, the order will directly go through an approval course. Once authorized (usually the same day) the request will be processed.

Bank transfer
If purchaser chooses this payment method, the payment through their banks must be received before the order starts to be handled. Consequently, these kinds of orders will add 2 or 3 extra days until they are processed. In order to avoid delays in the management of your command, it is very important to indicate in the field SENDER or PAYER the order number and the full name of the customer holder.

Bank details
Account number
Beneficiary name

4. Proof of purchase or receipt

IGM will issue an invoice if customers properly inform us about your fiscal details such as NIF or CIF. In case shoppers do not provide us their data, we will issue a receipt as a proof of purchase. This document will be attached to the order at the given address.

5. Places and ways of shipping

Your order will be shipped by a carrier who will offer you a delivery note to confirm your data, and the package number.

The material delivery is done on a front door or the main entrance of the address you provide us when hiring the service; if a valet is needed to get the items inside your property, it will be separately charged. (Check rates at

6. Warranty

The warranty period shall begin at the time of the purchase by the first user.

It covers manufacturing defects.

The warranty is not applied in the following cases:

  • Damage created by adaptations or modifications of the product without written agreement with the manufacturer.
  • Costs related to periodic maintenance such as repairing or replacing parts by normal wear.
  • Damage caused by misuse or by improper use, as well as by not following the manufacturer´s instructions regarding the use and maintenance of the product. An improper installation it is not covered also.
  • Worsening caused by a non-accredited person or by the same users.

IGM guarantees its products meet the specifications contained in their bids if they have been manipulated, carried, stored and used in accordance with the instructions contained in their respective user´s manuals, which are provided by IGM.

Customer shall inspect the product(s) immediately upon receipt, and they will report to IGM in writing of any claim or complaint regarding the merchandise, and attributable to IGM, within 14 days (7) calendar days from shipping.

7. Privacy

Personal data customer should provide, are essential for sending orders, writing invoices and warranty agreements. When registering on the website, customers agree to provide valid personal data.

Personal data provided by the shopper are treated according to recommendations established by the AEPD (Data Protection Agency) and its regulations in this area.

Personal or financial data users voluntary transmit to IGM as a result of a commercial transaction, will never be disclosed or sold to others. They are only collected and guarded in order to prevent non-authorized people access. Customer may exercise at any time the right of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition regarding their personal data according to the European texts and current national laws.

8. Intellectual Property

All website content (pictures, texts, names, images, videos, etc.) is owned by IGM and it is reserved under copyright and intellectual property title. For this reason and according to the Intellectual Property Code, only private use is permitted. Any other use without previous acceptance of IGM (broadcast or non-authorized download) constitutes a punishable offense by the law of intellectual property.

Thus any partial or total reproduction of the content of the website is prohibited by any procedure and in any media without prior and express authorization of IGM.