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Chiropractic, osteopathy and physiotherapy tables: TECHNOLOGY FOR WELLNESS

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drop&drop, chiropractic, osteopathy and physiotherapy tables is formed by a multidisciplinary team of high qualification. The electromechanical part of the tables is developed by IGM with more than ten years of experience in the design and development of industrial equipment.

In the chiropractic area, we have the wide professional knowledge of Mr. Gonzalo Vidal. Thanks to his deep knowledge of chiropractic techniques, we have been able to design a high quality product adapted to the needs of the chiropractic, osteopathy and physiotherapy specialties. Our products are designed and manufactured entirely in Spain, and have been tested in inquiries for more than two years. We have at your disposal from basic models, to more complex models, configurable by the client. The facilitate the placement of the patient, allowing the use of different adjustment techniques. All this, at very competitive prices and with an unbeatable service.

Chiropractic, osteopathy and physiotherapy tables:

The equipment on offer has been designed with 3D technology, through specific design programs such as SolidWorks. The development of preliminary models has been carried out where all the parameters involved in the construction of the table have been analyzed, making its development faster and optimizing the production of each equipment, both in terms of time and cost. In addition, drop & drop products are guaranteed for 2 years against any manufacturing defect. The materials used are of high quality and make this equipment a highly competitive product, which will surely meet the most demanding expectations and give your query a modern image.

Our products are optimal for use as chiropractic, osteopathy and physiotherapy tables.