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This drop table model allows configuration with 1, 2,  3 or 4 drops to be chosen by the customer. The possible drops are cervical, dorsal, lumbar and pelvic.

The dorsal and lumbar drops produce a vertical movement while the pelvic allows a regulation of the positive inclination angle. The operation of these drops is done very comfortably by the foot. The activation of the drops can be done in any position of inclination of the cushion in the case of the pelvic drop. The drops have tension adjustment knobs on both sides of the stretcher for comfort.

The head has two tilting movements with opposite axes. These allow you to vary the height of the head from the plane of the stretcher, so that the patient is more comfortable when it is on the side allowing to keep the column aligned. In any of the angles in which the head is positioned, the drop can be activated manually by means of a lever. The separation between the cushions of the head is manually adjustable to fit the patient’s face.

The distraction bending movement is performed automatically from -5 to +15 degrees, although it can be modified if request in the order. The table also has an electromechanical actuator to adjust the height with actuating pedals.

The GV-II-Flexion Distraccion Automatic table is designed and manufactured entirely in Spain by IGM Ingeniería

Additional information

Weight: 130 kg

Dimensions: 170-187 x 615 x 525-725 cm

Range Flexion-Distration: -5º to + 15º

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