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Weight: 130 kg
Dimensions: 182 x 60 x 60-80 cm

The chiropractic table, osteopathy table and physiotherapy table model GV-I Drop allows configuration with 1, 2, or 3 drops to be chosen by the customer. Possible drops are cervical, lumbar and pelvic . For greater postural control of the patient who will receive the setting, each drop allows adjustment of positive cushion angle and the possibility of activating each drop in that position. It includes standard , regulation on both sides of the strength of the drops (except cervical drop) and dual electronic pedal for height adjustment of the table.

The drive of the pelvic , lumbar drops is done in a very comfortable and effortlessly via pedal , while the cervical drop is operated by a hand lever.

For the collection of the patient, the table has two electromechanical actuators that allow the patient to be collected to finally place him in a horizontal position. The whole process is done automatically by means of a sophisticated system of controllers that allow the patient to be taken to a horizontal position in a safe, reliable and silent way.

These tables are designed and manufactured in Spain by IGM Ingeniería

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