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Orders for Drop & Drop products must be placed by e-mail indicating the budget number previously provided by Drop & Drop as reference

Any request made to Drop & Drop implies full and complete acceptance of the conditions described here. No particular condition may prevail over the general conditions of sale, except written reservation of Drop & Drop

An order is considered confirmed when 50% of the budget amount is paid, as indicated in the section PAYMENT METHOD. Drop & Drop starts manufacturing at this point and this date is consider the start point of the delivery period indicated by Drop & Drop in the budget.

In case of requesting a product with modifications not included in the catalog, and once the order is set, DROP & DROP will not accept the cancellation of this, nor the subsequent return of the product.


WITHDRAWAL: The Customer will have a maximum period of seven (7) calendar days from the delivery of the Product to desist from the purchase of the Product, in accordance with the applicable legislation. Once the term of seven (7) calendar days has expired, Drop & Drop will not accept refunds for withdrawal of product purchases.

The Client shall not have the right to desist in the cases established in the regulations that are applicable and, especially, with an enunciative and non-limiting character, in the following cases: (i) Products made according to the Client’s specifications or clearly personified.

The procedure to ask for  a refund for withdrawal will begin by contacting Drop & Drop by email at info@dropandrop.com. No withdrawal will be accepted without our prior consent. The After Sales Department will give you a reply within a maximum period of 48 hours from receipt of the request, assigning if return instructions are applicable.

Once the customer receives the return number, product could be return it within seven (7) days from the notification of the withdrawal to Drop & Drop. The merchandise must arrive at the Drop & Drop facilities with its original packaging and with all the accessories, if included. The return costs will be paid by the buyer.

The adequacy of the returned Product will be checked in the warehouse, reserving the right not to make the reimbursement in case of detecting that the purchased product is not received in perfect conditions. The refund of the price will be made through the same payment system used by the Client for the acquisition of the Products.

CANCELLATION: In case the customer takes the decision to cancel the order once the manufacturing has begun, Drop & Drop will return the amount paid, discounting 10% of it as compensation.

The cancellation of the current order must be made by email indicating the reasons for the cancellation and the budget number.

For the rest of the products, no tables, the refund will be for the total of the amount advanced up to the moment.

NOTICE: If a product with special modifications not included in the catalog is requested (production on request), and once the order is formalized, Drop & Drop will not accept the cancellation of this or the subsequent return of the product.


The payment method will be by wire transfer under the following conditions:

1-. 50% of the amount as confirmation of the order

2-. 50% remaining before leaving Drop & Drop facilities.

Bank data will be provided for the realization of the transfers when budget is accepted. The Client must send proof of payment to info@dropandrop.com


Shapes, color, size or position that appear in the photos are for guidance and in no case may be considered contractual. Drop & Drop, reserves the right to add, modify or delete any of the products in its catalog, without prior notice.


Drop & Drop products are guaranteed for 2 years from delivery. The invoice issued by Drop & Drop, or one of its distributors, will have the effect of a guarantee certificate, so it must be kept for the entire duration of the guarantee period.

If during the first six months from delivery of the product there is a malfunction, it is presumed that this problem existed when the material was delivered and will be considered.

From the sixth month, the consumer must demonstrate that the lack of conformity existed at the time of delivery of the good.

Drop & Drop is not responsible for the consequences caused by the improper use of its products. Any matter related to the warranty of a product must be notified to the contact phone number that appears on the web or by email.

The Customer will use the product according to the manual and follow all manufacturer instructions. Drop & Drop will not be responsible for any damages to Client, or to third parties, derived from the failure to observe the instructions contained in yhe use manual or Security Regulations of the merchandise. Drop & Drop is not responsible for the incorrect configuration, installation or failure of a device caused by a component not supplied by Drop & Drop.

Thus, the guarantee will be invalid under the following circumstances:

  • Blows
  • inadequate transportation
  • Inappropriate unpacking: cuts, bumps, scratches, etc.
  • defective installations
  • Product modifications by the customer and not authorized by Drop & Drop
  • installation errors
  • installation and / or connection of peripheral elements not compatible with the product
  • Inadequate supply voltage
  • handling by personnel other than the Drop & Drop service or the manufacturer, or tampering with any seal or identification tag,
  • Negligence of the Client or a third party
  • normal wear due to use
  • damage due to natural disasters or phenomena such as storms, floods, lightning, earthquakes, fires, etc. whether or not they affect the power supply.

Any repair or replacement must be authorized by Drop & Drop.

To carry out the repairs Drop & Drop may replace parts or the entire unit as it deems appropriate. The classification of the fault, and whether or not it is covered by the guarantee, will be Drop & Drop responsibility.

The shipping costs to send defective products from the client to the Drop & Drop facilities will be at the risk of Drop & Drop during the first year of guarantee, counted from the billing date. Once the first year has passed, they will be paid by the customer.

Repaired product will be returned: carriage paid if it is within the warranty period; postage due if it is out of warranty or if it must be sent to different places of the Spanish peninsula.

In case of lack of conformity of the product specifications with those indicated by the manufacturer or claims for defects or flaws in the materials, quality, quantity or others, the Customer must notify Drop & Drop, by email to: info@dropandrop.com providing the most detailed information possible on the incidence detected through photos, videos, etc.

Repairs will require the presentation of a copy of the invoice and a detailed description of the defects. If the manufacturer has a technical service for your product, the Customer may contact it directly.

Drop & Drop total responsibility, for any reason, will not exceed, in any case, the total value of the defective merchandise supplied. Drop & Drop will not be, in any case, outside the provisions of this clause, responsible for any damages, especially loss of profit, or damages for expected results, delay or loss of production


Transport price will be included in the client’s budget in a independent line of the purchased products. In the event that an “included transport” promotion campaign is active, the invoice line will appear with a zero amount.

The cost of transport will be determined by the tables of weights and volumes of the goods as well as by the exact address of the customer.

This address must be provided in order to be able to quote this cost correctly.

If the customer appreciates breakages in the package or any other abnormality, he must open an incident on the same delivery note at the time of delivery, indicating that the package is broken or damaged and contacting Drop & Drop to notify such situation.

If the client does not see external breaks in the package at the time of receiving it, it is recommended to indicate on the delivery note “CONFORM EXCEPT LATE EXAMINATION”.

If you notice any damage caused by transportation, you must notify the transport company in less than 24 hours in order to register and contact Drop & Drop. Otherwise, it will be understood that the product has been accepted in accordance.

IMPORTANT: The transport company, once this period is over, considers that the material sent is in perfect condition and is not responsible for any damage.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In the transport of high volume merchandise, the delivery will be made at street level, not including inside customer house. In the case, customer wants the delivery in a different floor, the service cost must be asked if it is available in the delivery area. This cost is not included in the price and must ask for a quote depending on the transport agency.

Customer  can track the status of his order, in case the transport company provides the tracking number, as well as the platform to follow up. This information will be transmitted to the client as soon as it is received by Drop & Drop.


The maximum delivery time for Drop & Drop stretchers is 8 weeks from the receipt of the transfer of the first payment milestone. This delivery period refers to the finished product in our facilities. The term of the transport is outside the 8 weeks.

From Drop & Drop we are continuously working to improve delivery times.


In order to comply with the Organic Law of Protection of Personal Data (13/12/1999), we inform you that the data you provide us will become part of a database that will aim to correct management of the order. Your rights of access, rectification and cancellation are safeguarded.

To exercise them you must contact our customer service phone number This page incorporates the SSL protocol. This protocol is used by banks and other organizations to guarantee the integrity and confidentiality of the data you send.

To know that you are browsing within a secure connection, you can see that the address bar contains https (secure connection) instead of http (normal connection) and that a padlock appears in the status bar. If you double click on the padlock that is in the status bar, a box will open where you are informed of the Security Certificate

For more information you can contact us through

  1. Email: info@dropandrop.com
  2. Telephone: +34 609 31 98 92, +34 954 951 006